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The Matchmaking Service Between Career Recruiting & Job Searching

Showcase your work, validate your skills through assessment, and get matched up to companies looking for your qualified talents.


Have you ever had an issue vetting a candidate’s cultural fit from their resume? Did you wish that you could highlight your personality more to a recruiter?


Wouldn’t you want to prove to a recruiter that as an intern, you’re actually over qualified? Have you wondered if a candidate's experience matched their talent?

Get Matched

Don’t you hate how you can never connect with the main person recruiting for a company position? Aren’t you sick of getting lost within an automated tracking system?

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Discover Talent

Because finding the right candidates shouldn't be a game of Battleship. Everyone wins here.


Validate a candidate’s skills & experience. No more worrying about if they’re qualified for the job at hand.

By the Numbers

Get clarity, beautiful visualized analytics on a candidate's skills. All that's left is building relationships & meeting the talent.

Find Employment

Because finding a job shouldn’t be a game of cat and mouse.

Work Smarter & Harder

Now you can highlight your skills, personality, and experience. Pair that with validation and it’s no longer a question of whether you’re qualified for the job, it’s a fact.]

Connect to the jobs that matter

Get matched to opportunities looking for your particular skills and personality, (*snap*) like that. So you can stop searching, and start working.

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Awesome Features Get You Ahead

Here's a glimpse of the awesomeness that you receive when you get involved with MyUnfold. Stop searching. Start working.

Test your Skills

Choose which skills you want to validate to stay ahead of the competition and closer to your dream job.


Build relationships by getting matched to companies looking for your validated skills and experience.


Learn from the Data

Simple, Sweet & To the point. Show off your talent with beautiful, visualize analytics

Be Prepared

Recommended assessments help you “walk the talk” before you step through the door